Pastoral Care

Starting with our minister, we have several networks of Pastoral Care…

· Elders & ‘Good Neighbours’…who cover the church members & attendees

· Men’s & ladies Groups

· Several House Groups

· Hospital Visitors

These are some of the networks which are there to connect with the members of the congregation as well as those who need support & encouragement or who might be struggling through illness or some other form of disability. We also have an effective prayer chain that keeps everyone aware of anyone (who wishes) needing support & offers the opportunity for prayer support for those in need.

Upcoming Services & Events
Aug 2020

9:00am-Service of Worship  on zoom

11:30am-UFC Family worship on zoom

6:00pm-Evening Fellowship Time on zoom

Grey Gardeners – Thursday afternoons

BUC Pantry – Tuesday/Wednesday 10am-1pm