Located on Kangaloon Rd. in a paddock between the hamlets of Kangaloon and East Kangaloon, is a little church and its graveyard where a dedicated, albeit small, group gathers for worship on thefirst Sunday of each month (11am), plus Easter, at 11am.

On a Sunday morning one might expect 10 -25 worshippers, including three to six children.  Four times a year, in March, June, September and December the congregation celebrates Holy Communion and then continues the meal outside, to which members have brought food to share.

Congregation Lunch after Communion (Click on photo for a larger image)

Congregation Lunch after Communion

On Christmas Eve the numbers swell to over 100, as the local citizens turn out for a candlelight carol service.

Christmas Eve at Kangaloon (Click on photo for a larger image)

Christmas Eve at Kangaloon