Immoral acts – that’s one way to stop the boats.

Hugh Mackay, a social researcher and author opens up some interesting perspectives on the issue of asylum seekers making their way to our country which appears to be becoming more serious by the day….

You can read his article on the following link.

“Ted Freeman and the Battle for the Injured Brain.” by Dr Peter McCullagh

That so many people, often young people, who suffer a brain injury, often through motor vehicle accidents, are placed in Nursing Homes and family told that nothing can be done for them, is a national disgrace. In this book Peter McCullagh traces the story of Dr Ted Freeman’s work with people suffering brain injuries, and the “antagonistic response” so inappropriately given “by some of his colleagues”.

All truth passes through three stages
First it is ridiculed
Second it is violently opposed
Third it is accepted as being self-evident.
‘Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)’

Given the evidence in McCullagh’s book, and the stories of some of these young people and their families, it is hoped that this book might help to raise public awareness and bring about change in the way in which the medical profession and their organisations respond to the real needs of people so injured.

You may access the book online at:
Ted Freeman and the Battle for the Injured Brain By Peter McCullagh ANU EPress, 2013